Week 24 – Be the observer

It sounds easy to do..,just be the observer. It is a lot harder to do.  Just taking the time to think about being an observer is difficult.  For me, anyway. What I’ve noticed is how much of an observer I am not.  I had great intentions this morning of being the observer, and I failed […]

Week 22 -Can I control my comfort zone?

Aha, my comfort zone controls me until I learn to control it!  And to realize that my comfort zone is made up of fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feelings and anger.  Some of them were good buddies of mine! What gave me hope is that we are pre-disposed to IMPROVE!  There is hope, always, everlasting hope! […]

Week 21 – Resistance

I had a hard time this week relating to the lesson.  It was about miracles.  I believe in them, but I don’t think I’m the greatest miracle.  There are so many other people who deserve that title.  I am, however, grateful to be alive.  I think my old blueprint is trying very hard to keep […]

Week 20 – The Dash

The Dash really hit home!  I think because it makes you face a reality that we tend to put off or push to the side because it’s easier than dealing with it.  I heard that story  before, but this time…it hit home!  Probably because I’m a little older, and hopefully wiser. The bad news is […]

Week 17 – Will my Heroes Journey even begin?

We’re about half way through this course.  It’s an amazing, sometimes overwhelming, certainly eye-opening, self action course.  I’m rather embarrassed to say that I only seriously started the sit about 2 weeks ago.  I did several sits in the beginning and tried to be a good student, and this was really my biggest downfall.  I […]