Week 20 – The Dash

The Dash really hit home!  I think because it makes you face a reality that we tend to put off or push to the side because it’s easier than dealing with it.  I heard that story  before, but this time…it hit home!  Probably because I’m a little older, and hopefully wiser.

The bad news is that I have, maybe, 20 Christmases left.  The good news is that I have 20 more Christmases to live! There’s so much more that I want to do and have.  I feel like I got a reprieve and I can have a wonderful 4th quarter of my life!  When will I begin?  NOW!

20 Christmases left.  How can I make the best of what I have left?  That’s a good question and I think it bears putting aside the time to dream, again and now, with all my wisdom, I should have the answer in……???? I will promise to get back to dreaming and being more focused.  Time is running out!


5 thoughts on “Week 20 – The Dash

  1. Love the blog. According to the story that I read, the Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Coronal Harland Sanders started his business around age 65. Bll Gates changes the face of business within a decade. Great things can be done in short times, when people become very focused. Twenty years is a great many generation to butterflies. I guess it is all relative and you are doing great. Cheers

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    • Yes, everything is relative! 20 years seems both a long time and short at the same time. I have an 85 year old friend that I think has at least another 15 years to go, and she gives me hope! I guess it’s what we do in the time we have left!


  2. wow, I could have 20 Christmas’s left as well and am delighted to dream, mahalo for being a cheerleader for making the best of each day and year and dreaming them to greatness and wonderfulness!


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