Press Release – Better late than never


That was her life theme that came up for Susan Jung all through her life.  But the big break came in her life one day at the age of 64.  She had many accomplishments before then, but it seemed the most important part of her life was just beginning at age 64.

It all started when the decision that would change her life, big time, was made in October 2016.  The process began while going through a self-action course.  Many things came up for her as she delved into this strange, new course that she had heard about for months.

Best of all, she went through the course on a “pay-it-forward” scholarship.  The class before her paid her tuition and it would eventually affect over 3,000 students…a concept never heard of before!

One of the things Susan discovered was her major purpose in life, which was to show people how to have wellness in their lives affordably and have fun at the same time!

She also attained a goal that was 6 years in the making.  6 years in the making NOT because it was a difficult goal, NOT because she didn’t know how and NOT because she didn’t want it.  It was because she was NOT focused and committed.

She reached Senior Director status with Melaleuca in May 2017.  Her check for that month was $7,188.26. She still feels the goose bumps every time she remembers seeing the check!  This was just the start of many great things to come!  If you ask her to describe that moment, she would say that she didn’t really know how that day was coming, but she visualized that day every day for seven months…down to the amount of the check.  She was so ecstatic and having reached Senior Director status, she knew nothing could stop her.

As she re-lived that momentous time in her life, she says she remembers hearing the emcee announce her name as a new Senior Director at their convention in May, 2017.  She heard the positive music playing in the background as she walked the length of the stage and received a beautiful necklace that was her badge of honor for all her hard work.  She could hear the cheers from the Hawaii group honoring her achievement.  She walked off the stage full of energy and happiness.  She also knew that before the end of the year, she would receive her new car paid by Melaleuca.

Susan was thrilled to share the good news with her daughter, Janessa, as she spent a couple extra days visiting her in Las Vegas.  It was so nice to be with her daughter, as she re-lived the special moment and showed off her new necklace which meant the world to her.   Janessa was happy for her and even happier when she received a check from her mom that was made possible because of the bonus check she received.

She also started planning her exit strategy from her full-time job.  After seeing how successful she was with Melaleuca, she talked to her managers and started on a part-time status with OEI in January 1, 2018.  At the same time, she began her new adventure with Melaleuca.  She knew that meant more traveling!  She would be visiting her daughter every year after the Melaleuca convention in May.

She planned a Princess cruise in 2019, and on her 70th birthday, August 11, 2022, she was on her way to Las Vegas with a bunch of her friends.  This lady was having the time of her life.  In the meantime, she was receiving a residual check from Melaleuca of over $5,000 a month as she was in her prime!  Her health was at its best and her income was where she could continue her new, exciting lifestyle for many years to come!  And she was finally debt free!

Better late than never!


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