Week 2 – Can’t Wait – What if?


Can’t wait until I don’t have to look up every step of what I have to do. As an example, I had to go back to Week 1 notes and make sure I did the title correctly.  And it’s not difficult, just new.

Although I am feeling tired at the end of the day, I find myself getting up earlier than usual reaching for my book and starting the morning read.  Now granted, this has only happened 2 days in a row.  I have noticed that I do not want to miss a day of reading, because I cannot retrieve the loss of day or substitute another day for today.  (I think something is sinking in this fuzzy brain of mine!)

I also feel excited that I’m even blogging!  I’ve read some that are amazing and I hope to be able to express myself as eloquently as that one day.  I can’t wait until I can read this post and see how far I’ve come.  Well, one can only hope!  I do know that it can’t be worse, and I can only get better! Can’t wait for that day!

I also waffle and start thinking, what if, after a couple months, I’m one of those that don’t get it!  What if I’m still the same then as I am today?  But then, the logical side of me says that I’m already changing…even if it’s a small change. But what if?  That’s a scary thought, and I know it’s my old programming trying to push itself in my mind.

How about, what if I have changed for the better and some of my dreams are actually coming true?  That would be AMAZING!  (Chicken skin!)  So,What if there is a positive change after all the hard work?  What if?

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