Week 12 – Coincidence or something more?

Got a little backed up because my laptop got sick!  It picked up some malware and it ended up in the shop.  It had a major operation, because it had to go back to its original state.  You know what that means!!!  A whole lot of stuff that I took for granted was no longer where it was supposed to be.  What’s worse is that I didn’t know what was missing until I needed it!  Then it was a scramble to try to get it back.  I know, these are just excuses but am I ever so happy to be almost completely on track!

I did want to share an event that happened to me this past week that could have ended in disaster, but it didn’t, and I think it had to do with my attitude and thoughts at the time it was happening.  Maybe because of understanding and appreciating what the MKMMA course is offering?

I was on Maui, installing phones (captioned phones for those with hearing loss) and training a new part-time installer.  The day went well, overall, and for some reason if this happened to me before the MKMMA class, it may have ended differently.

My flight to return to Oahu was leaving at 5:50pm.  They were boarding the plane at 5:10pm (they usually end up boarding later) and after dropping off my new installer, I still had to get gas.  The gas station was near the airport so that wasn’t too bad.  On my way back to the airport, I took a wrong turn, and it was already 5:05.  Finally got to the gas station, minutes away, and ran into the store with my credit card. The gal said to go ahead and start pumping.   I went out to the rental, but the pump would not start.  Ran back in and the gal said she just turned it on, so I ran back to the pump (actually did some fast walking) and pumped in $10.51 worth of gas (usually I put in $5.00 or less). Finally got back to the Alamo at about 5:20pm and as I was being checked in, saw the bus leave for the airport.  I had to wait another 5 minutes and got to the airport at 5:30pm.  My heart was pounding a little louder than normal, but I really didn’t feel as stressed as maybe I would have been in the past.

Of course, the security check line that I got into was really slow.  I did, however, have a pass so that I did not have to take off my shoes.  But that didn’t matter.  My carry on, with a pouch and maybe some ethernet cords in it, was pulled to the side to be “swiped”.  Oh, they were impartial and swiped my briefcase as well.  While this was happening, I don’t think I even looked at my watch.  I was prepared to wait another hour to catch the next flight home.  But, I was not upset!

I remember thinking, “Okay, everything that could go wrong is happening and maybe, I would get to the gate and be able to walk on without waiting or having to wait for the next flight.”  I’ll be damned!  Guess what?  I got to the gate and the last of the passengers were boarding.  Coincidence or something more?



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