Week 10 – Having fun with a couple of exercises? YES!

I just got through reading Mark’s Week 10 blog and it was as if he knew exactly what I was feeling.  The feelings of “maybe this is something that can really happen” to “it can happen to others, but not to me!”  I don’t feel so off base, and maybe, just maybe, I can live a life that I’ve been dreaming about.  At least, I’m moving towards it instead of away from it! I have hope!

I am fighting being tired at the end of the day when I do my final read of the day.  I keep telling myself not to give in to that old blueprint.  There has been only 1 night that I can remember where I did give in, and just did not complete the evening read.  Hey, that’s not bad for 10 weeks, is it? But to be completely honest, I have not always been fully vested as I should be.  That’s when my old blueprint comes to bother me. Unfortunately, that happens more times than I would like, but I now know what is happening!  My goal is to not give in so easily.  I am in control!  (That’s what I have to remind myself!)

I now start shouting out “DO IT NOW!” in my car as I’m driving, almost as soon as I start driving, and many times more than 25 times.  Then, right after that I say “I am what I will to be” and I have a list of what I will to be.  As an example, “I am what I will to be…laser focused!”  “I am what I will to be…Confident!”  I have a list of 33 descriptions of what “I will to be” and this gets me excited!  I can actually see the possibility of being those descriptions, and sometimes it’s just a reminder of what I can be.  I also try to add more descriptions when I can think of them.  This has become a daily habit and I really enjoy doing it.

Aha!  I think this is what Mark meant about really getting into the exercises.  Now I just have to apply this to the list of other things I should be doing!  Inch by inch, it’s a cinch!  I just have to find other fun ways to get into the other exercises.


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