Week 5 – Press release?

Wow, have you ever thought about writing your own press release… In a way that has already happened?  This is the hardest assignment so far!  It’s also kinda exciting…a chance to dream the kind of life you want and to start thinking about it in detail, and the possibility that it could actually come true?

I’ve started to put some thoughts down, but trying to make it make sense is another thing!  I start one thought and before I’ve completed it, another thought comes into play and trying to make it into a smooth transition is challenging!  I wish I were a writer!  And of course, the assignment is due tomorrow.  No stress!

I need to switch gears and concentrate on my press release.  I know this is going to take quite a few takes, just like my DMP, which is still under construction.  But it is getting better, I think!


4 thoughts on “Week 5 – Press release?

  1. Susan , i thin k everyone is writer just like everyone can speak. Telling a story just like you were speaking is the way to start for me. Then in writing in can go back and rearrange and edit as I want or need to. Pour it out, it all works!


  2. Yeah it is amazing what happens when you start to focus on things your want, and actually realizing that hey they might come true.. so then go for.. they are my reality.
    Looking forward to be reading your press release too.. and you may change in it along the way 🙂


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