Week 4 – Discoveries

I’ve made several discoveries this week.  1) I’m still in overwhelm with all the things we have to do.  I thought that I had a handle on things, and come to find out, I do not!  There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day! I am getting good at my daily readings, tho.

2)  I finally got the color association…only this week!  I mean, I would write on the index cards and add the colors, but I did not integrate the colors until this week.  Now I see the greens, reds, yellows and blues.  Still don’t connect it to the writing, but I actually see the colors now.

3)  I had the hardest time remembering and because I couldn’t remember how the words went, repeating it was just as hard as remembering.  I thought I had it, but at this very moment, I can’t remember it again, and I will have to go to my index card. “I can be what I will to be!”  Why is this so hard?  I must be resisting because it is not hard.  Changing my thinking is a process!

4)  For those who are reading this and following me, please forgive me if I am not responding or doing whatever I should be doing, because I’m lost at this point.  I’m sure once I learn what is what, it will be better!  I don’t know what to do with the twitter account either.  Boy, I sure don’t know much!  (Well at this time, anyways.  As I see it, I can only get better!)

5)  Because I had to work on Sunday, I missed the actual class.  Trying to catch up on another day is even worse!  I felt so disjointed…just because I missed the class!  Morale of the story is not to miss the call!  (Except I will be away on a company retreat and will miss one more class in November, but that should be the very last one!  I hope!)

6)  I forgot about the taped readings.  I have to find time to listen to the readings.  Also, have to find time to review the videos.  I know, I have to make the time.  Maybe that will be one of my future goals because it’s just not getting done at this time!

I wonder how I will feel when I re-read these entries?  I think it may be an eye-opener!  Good night!


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