Week 1 = My first baby step…done!

I feel like I’m back in school, (only been out of school for 40+ years) only worse because the subject I’m studying is me!  But it’s also better, because even if I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t have to KNOW what I’m doing…I just have to DO!  The first couple days I didn’t know what was what but I just did what I could and now it’s not as overwhelming.  Things are making sense and slowly getting better.  At least, I know what I have to do three times a day versus once a day.

I think the hardest part, right now, is making the time for what has to be done with MKMMA on top of my full time job.  But, at the same time, maybe because it’s new, I want to do it.  It’s different, not the norm.  And when I get tired or not want to do something, I remind myself that the old negative programming is trying to sabotage me and I will not let that happen! All it takes is one slip, one excuse, one silly reason.

Need to figure out the About Page, etc. but for the time being, my first blog ever, is done!  One can only hope I can get better from here!


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